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Search Engine VS Social Media

If you plan to advertise your service or product online, and are wondering which platform is good for your business, then you may be interested to read this article.

When comparing search marketing to social media, search marketing generates more relevant leads. Generally, when users need a particular product or service, they will search for product reviews or comparisons. Social media is a more passive form of advertising. Users may not be aware of their need for a product, but through viral news they may begin to think of the need.

In building brand awareness, social media is the winner. Social media often has a snow ball effect. When the number of subscribers or followers increases, the company name will easily go viral among friends and family. When users see their friend like or follow a page, they will be more confident of the brand.

For localized business visibility, most users prefer local search as the source for finding the nearest restaurant, petrol station, bar or service provider.

However, social media marketing trumps SEO and paid search when it comes to interactivity. When users have questions, they can directly post a message or chat with the administrator. This interaction is much more effective than search.

Infographicby MDG Advertising