Keyword Research

How To Do Keyword Research

Good SEO begins with good keyword research. The Promodo team has shared some good tips for selecting potential keywords.

1. Identify your landing page

Your landing page is the most important page, and delivers the most traffic. Many site owners treat the home page as their landing page, but in fact the landing page is not limited to the home page. Landing pages can be a specific subcategory page, or blog section. Take Alt Communications for example, the site contains three landing pages: – Home Page – List of Services – Blog News

2. Do rough keyword research
Brainstorm on how users may search for keywords in search engines, then assign different keywords to each page. When the keyword is close to users’ query, the chances of ranking #1 is higher.

3. Check the potential keywords with the Google keyword tool
Estimate search volume and competition for target keywords, then filter out the low volume keywords.

4.Do competitor analysis
Evaluate the competition, and find keywords that should or should not be included in your list.

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