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New feature on Google search 2012

This year, Google has released a number of new features that some of you may not have discovered yet.

With Instant Image Relate Preview, when you search Malaysia 2012 for example, it will relate the search to Malaysia 2020 because 2012 is close with the word 2020.

Images relate preview

For Google+ profile search, input ‘+’ first in the query and the results will focus on Google+ profiles.

Google plus profile search

When a search query begins with country / state + tourism attraction, Google will automatically recommend the most popular travel places.

Kuala Lumpur tourist attraction

tourist attraction

When searching certain people, for example Najib, Google will instantly show the summary of a Najib biography and related people. Generally, the information is grabbed from Wikipedia.

people search

A detailed feature and search usage tutorial is available at The tutorial is only available for a limited time, so do register before the closing date.

What is Google Plus? Need a reason to switch to Google Plus?

Google Plus was launched on 28 June 2011. It is a social networking site (SNS), where users can login through their Gmail account for social activities, such as sharing videos and articles, or meeting friends with similar interests.

Google+ is a project managed by Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz. The user interface is designed by former Apple, Mac software team designer Andy Herzfeld.

Gundotra and Horowitz believe that Google+ is not just a product, but an extension of Google’s marketing strategy. Google+ aims to become more popular in users’ daily life, and not be limited to surfing the web or making site searches.

To fulfill the fundamentals of a social network feature, Google+ is integrated with Google’s other online products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, Bloggers, Google Map and Places, Google Drive, Google Play, etc. In order to make their services better than Facebook, Google made improvements on aspects of privacy management. Of course in the past, privacy has been one of Google’s weaknesses.

The core feature of Google+ is its “circle of friends and acquaintances (the Circles)”. Users can connect to different circles of contacts, such as family members, colleagues or college classmates, and share photos, videos and other information to small circles.

With the integration of Circles, users can select and organize their contacts, and divide them into different groups. It is similar to a group management concept, but Google makes the process more pleasant and easy to manage. Users can easily select and drag contacts to a Circle. The whole interface is very simple and intuitive, and you might say it is kind of fun. Compared to the same feature in Facebook, Google+ is much better.

Google+ took 24 days to reach 20 million users, while Twitter and Facebook took 1035 days and 1152 days respectively, to reach the same number of users.

Google+ Core Features:

  • Circles: The circle function allows users to share different content to different circles of people.
  • Sparks: Through the Google +1 button, content is easily promoted to search results, and users can easily explore the most popular content worldwide.
  • Hangouts: Let friends know you are available for video chat, and video group chat anytime, anywhere.
  • Instant Upload: Combined with the rapid upload feature of the Android phone, taking and sharing photos is a pleasure, but exporting photos from phones and uploading it to the network is not so fun. Therefore, Google created a gateway to let users easily connect from phone to web.

20 reasons switch to Google+

What is Google Plus? Need a reason to switch to Google Plus?

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Social Media Giant VS Search Engine Giant

Social Giant (facebook) VS Search Engine Giant (Google) who will be the final winner?

Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, and introduces new services identified as Circles, Hangouts and Sparks. On 20 September, 2011, Google+ was opened to everyone 18 years of age or older without the need for an invitation. With Google’s Android phone system, Google plus membership was being activated on 850,000 mobile devices everyday.

One of the business advice forum member has post the following discussion:

Ggoogle+ VS Facebook, developers believe Google+ will catch up with Facebook.

“Two-thirds of respondents believe that Google can catch up to Facebook in social with Google+. When asked why, 68 percent of developers say that leveraging Google’s assets (eg: Search, YouTube, Maps, etc) trumps Facebook’s social graph lead. 49 percent say that Google shows more innovation than Facebook with new Google+ features like circles, sparks, hangouts, etc.,” it said.”

Some members replied:

It’s difficult to say, but if you look back at when Myspace was big, you would never have thought Facebook could reach it. But as we now know, it has. That said, Facebook is on a much larger scale and though Google+ will compete, I can only see it matching Facebook and not really dominating.

I don’t think so. Google is good in search engine but google+ seems still need alot of improvement

Well, in my opinion, it’s too early to say that they can overtake Facebook. Facebook has lots of fanbase and users worldwide, and adding games to G+ will not make it any better. I myself is having a hard time coping up with G+’s layout.

I worry it end up like google wave . There are many people interested just due to curious on it.

How about the voice from Google ex-staff?

It wasn’t an easy decision to leave Google. During my time there I became fairly passionate about the company. I keynoted four Google Developer Day events, two Google Test Automation Conferences and was a prolific contributor to the Google testing blog. Recruiters often asked me to help sell high priority candidates on the company. No one had to ask me twice to promote Google and no one was more surprised than me when I could no longer do so. In fact, my last three months working for Google was a whirlwind of desperation, trying in vain to get my passion back.

What do you think?

Facebook VS Google Plus

Infographic source from Single Grain