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Is Google Biased Search Results Or The Result Is Too Relevant?

Candy Crush Saga is a game created by, the game style is some sort of an upgrade from bejeweled game. The recent report we got from TechCrunch, with 9 Billion games played in Facebook each month, Grabs No.1 Slot On Facebook

While searching the game in Google search, we found the following results:

Candy Saga game search using desktop, out of 10 results 7 of them are occupied by Google products, 1 for Google Play and 6 for Youtube. Candy saga for IOS is out of search.

How about mobile search results? We made Candy Crush search using Android mobile, in comparison, Google Play results stood out more with rating, thumbnail, number of users and free buttons. The free button is provided for users to download the apps directly.

We continue finding using iPhone search, surprisingly itunes results stand out more and ranks higher than Google play.

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Manage Your SEO Campaign with Top Mobile Apps

Mobile SEO should be an integral part of SEO strategy these days. This is because recent studies show that mobile phones have become a way to surf the net for many internet users. SEO campaigns are directed to increase the visibility of the site and in the end of the day that way generate revenue. Though all apps are not of the same class or effective, here is a list of some of the best apps that can help you in your SEO. They will definitely make and help you in being quicker, slicker and profitable to say the least.

1. iSEO (iOS)

This is a great apps for monitoring on page progress. Also for finding out the worth of a page before you work on that page. The apps also monitor keyword density and mentions in social networking sites. Pages can also be monitored in web search indexed pages and some specialized sites for page rankings like Alexa. All the stats provided by the site can actually give you an insight of the emerging and existing trend. This insight might help you change your game plan or SEO techniques as per the need. iSEO has the option to email all these info. So you can email these info from the apps to your clients and co-ordination becomes a cakewalk even if you are on the go.

2. Google Analytics ( iOS, Android)

Most SEO use Google Analytics for their bread and butter. This App is designed for the mobile platforms like Android and iPhones will definitely compliment your analytical tool. The apps have many indicators to help you understand the traffic and kinds of traffic generated by the page. One of the best parts of this app is that you will be able to compare data over different periods of time and hence have an insight of the changes in trends. This insight will definitely be of huge help to change your strategies and plans and work for better results. Most importantly the app is free of charge.

3. Link Juice (iOS)

This App is dense in terms and is a little difficult for novice SEO providers. But the App is a solid provider of very useful data. The data and the comparative tools are excellent and worth every penny you spend on the apps. The apps provide instant data of back links and anchor texts. It also provides page and domain authority data and linking sources to the page among many other useful and important data.,

4. Raven Tools (iOS)

This app comes free but you need a paid account with Raven to see the data or information that will guide you to a better SEO. The apps or the account is worth, as the main area that makes this app unique is the analysis of social networking. Most SEO worth their salt knows the importance of social media in SEO, and this app does the best in analyzing a page performance in social media. Also the tools can analyze the ROI much better than other analytic apps. Definitely a must have for mobile SEO.

5. EGO (iOS)

EGO is an app designed to give a bird’s eye view of traffic or traffic-related data. It collates data from different sources like Google analytics, Tumblr, etc. and gives a broad and multi-dimensional view of these services. Priced at around $2.00 this app is a good one to have a snapshot from multi analytical platform and then act as per the requirement.


Other than these apps there are some more apps that can work wonders for your mobile SEO. Some of these apps are free whereas some come at a price. But the thumb rule for great SEO still remains the same. Stay and play by the rules and provide great and unique content, and surely search engines will find you.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes in Alexander Drummond Charlotte NC. Check here for more on Alexander Drummond Charlotte NC