Ways to Make Sure Your Guest Posts Get Accepted

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build links, make your brand popular online, and thus get website traffic. Experts say it is among the best options to generate the right traffic to sites, after PPC and SEO. It is now turning out to be a mainstream marketing option, so bloggers are often inundated with requests for guest blogging, and many such requests are ignored. There are a number of tips and tricks, which can help you get your guest blog content approved and published by the chosen blogger. Below are some of the best ways to ensure that your guest posts are accepted. Check them out:

Accustom yourself with the blogger and his blog

This may not be a short or sure way to get your posts published immediately, however, it will help in building up the rapport with the blogger. Regularly read the blog posts, and add meaningful and pleasant comments, thus eventually turning you from strangers into friends. This can then open up opportunities to post guest content on his or her blog. Consider this a long-term strategy, while you try some other options as well.

Follow the blog on Twitter

In order to make yourself familiar to the blogger, make sure you follow the blog on Twitter. Show that you are keen to post content as a guest blogger, and understand and adopt the writing style the blog generally adopts. The other vital benefit you will enjoy when you follow targeted blogs is that you will be aware when there are special opportunities for guest bloggers.

Check, understand, and follow all the guidelines of your target blogs

Every blog that allows the opportunity for guest blogging comes with a set of guidelines. Make sure you read them all, understand, and follow them when you are producing your content. Don’t worry, generally the guidelines found on these blogs are standard ones as per the industry norms, and simple to follow. Most of the bloggers are very strict on their requirements so make sure you follow them, in order to increase your chances of seeing your guest posts in the chosen blogs.