Modifying And Embedding Chatwing Into Your Site

SEO is not limited to changing meta tags, adding content or link building. Being able to quickly provide information when your site viewers ask for help with the products you are offering or the site as a whole, can earn you big points in quality customer service while at the same time solving the pogo-stick problem. With a chat tool on your site, this becomes much easier as you can relay that information almost instantly without having your viewers wait. Chatwing chat software does a pretty good job, with excellent chatting capabilities combined with features that further augment its efficiency. And using it is very easy.

You can have this chat tool up and running on your site by following these simple instructions.

1. Register

Registering a Chatwing account is the first step. It is very easy – filling in the registration form only takes a few seconds and all you need is a valid email address and password.

2. Create a Chatroom

After registration, you are automatically redirected to the Dashboard. This is where you create new chatrooms or manage the ones you have previously created. Initially, you will not have any aside from the default chatroom that is given to you. Use that and click the Customize Chatbox button.

3. Customization

Though this is not strictly necessary, modifying your chatroom before embedding it is strongly suggested as it will make the chat tool more efficient. The customization page is divided into tabs to make the whole process much more user-friendly. Each of the tabs affects a specific part of the chatroom, and most of Chatwing’s features can be found here.

Take note however that you cannot implement the changes that you have made unless you click the corresponding Save button in each tab.

Customizing your chatroom may take a while, but it is definitely worth it. Here is an example of a modified chatroom.

When you are done modifying the chatroom, simply click the Use button at the top of the Customization page. That will take you to the next step.

4. Embedding

The Embedding page is composed of three tabs, each with its own purpose. They are different methods for embedding the chatroom. For now, let us skip Group Chat URL and Popout Options, and head straight to the one in the middle – Embedded Options.

This method allows you to embed the chatroom directly to your site. But before that, notice the two scroll bars with a preview window on the right, which shows your chatroom. You can use this to adjust the size of the chatroom when it goes live on your site, make it as big or small as you want. This can help you save web space or make the chatroom more visible to your viewers.

When you are done with the measurements, look for the chatroom’s HTML code at the bottom part of the tab. It should be inside the boxes labeled Javascript and iFrame. Just choose one, copy it, then follow the additional instructions to paste it in the appropriate place on your site.

After all this is done, save your progress and refresh your browser. Your chatroom should be there.

Note: In some cases where the Javascript code will not function, simply replace it with the code inside the iFrame box.

This tool will give your viewers a much easier way to communicate with you. If properly managed, it will become a place that you and your viewers enjoy. Chatwing is a great tool that is constantly improving over time, and anyone can get it for free!