Facebook Ads And How Retargeting Works

If you have ever wondered why the same Facebook advertisement keeps appearing in your news feed, the infographic below may give you some clue.

In June 2012, Facebook launched the FBX system (Facebook Exchange), a real-time ad bidding system that utilizes data collected from user behavior outside of Facebook, including browse history and cookies from third party sites. When the same user returns to their Facebook profile, the system shows the relevant ads for re-targeting.

“Database = Business Revenue”, and with more than 1 billion Facebook users, Facebook is amassing a huge database. Every time we ‘like’ something, click on a notification, leave a comment, share a post, or upload a photo, we are helping Facebook collect more data.

Source: http://www.mdgadvertising.com/blog/a-marketers-guide-to-retargeting-on-facebook-infographic/