Webmasters, Do You Love or Hate Google?

Generally, Google’s webmaster videos never provide a clear guide on SEO issues. In most cases, users are required to find the answer themselves. Lets take this video as an example, “What does Google think of single-page websites?” Users are not satisfied with the answer given, with some even leaving comments like “If you ever leave Google: Become a politician! You have the right qualifications in terms of answering questions ;-)” and “We should call you the white version of barack obama.”

So why do webmasters still follow Google’s video guides? Quite simply, because users love Google, and Google is the main source of site traffic for webmasters. Although there are often no direct answers, those who follow the videos still manage to get some valuable tips. The following video, with Matt Cutts, points out the top areas where webmasters make the most SEO mistakes.