Join Bing Rewards and Get Rewarded for Searching On Bing

Searching for information on Google has become our habit, and it may be hard to switch from Google to Bing. But what if Bing rewarded its searchers? Would you be willing to give it a try?

Bing Rewards is an incentive program to reward users who search on Bing or try out new Bing features. With Bing Rewards, users can spend the credit earned and redeem various rewards.

The attractive rewards include XBOX, Windows Phone and Windows Surface, but the chances of wining a prize is slim because millions of users may participate.

For those who are looking for sure-win Bing rewards, we found an interesting alternative.

Bing reward sure-win prize

What if you don’t see any rewards that you are interested in? You can spend your credit as a cash donation to charity organizations. In other words, each time you search on Bing, you are indirectly helping those organizations raise funding.


Currently Bing Rewards is only limited to the US, but we believe sooner or later the promotion will open up to more regions. Generally, rewards like Skype credit, Win8 Apps credit, and Xbox membership passes do not cost Microsoft anything, so there is no problem for Microsoft to continue the program. To participate in the program or for more information, click here.

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