Is Google Biased Search Results Or The Result Is Too Relevant?

Candy Crush Saga is a game created by, the game style is some sort of an upgrade from bejeweled game. The recent report we got from TechCrunch, with 9 Billion games played in Facebook each month, Grabs No.1 Slot On Facebook

While searching the game in Google search, we found the following results:

Candy Saga game search using desktop, out of 10 results 7 of them are occupied by Google products, 1 for Google Play and 6 for Youtube. Candy saga for IOS is out of search.

How about mobile search results? We made Candy Crush search using Android mobile, in comparison, Google Play results stood out more with rating, thumbnail, number of users and free buttons. The free button is provided for users to download the apps directly.

We continue finding using iPhone search, surprisingly itunes results stand out more and ranks higher than Google play.

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