Malaysia Internet Usage Statistic

1. Internet users in Malaysia view social network sites 14 billion time every month
2. Malaysian internet users spend almost 20 hours per week online
3. 80% Malaysian have download videos habit, follow by 51% actively in YouTube activity
4. 32.1% holds the largest share of online minutes for those in Malaysia, follow by 11.5%
5. 11.5% for entertainment
6. 87.9% of Malaysians on the internet access Facebook
7. 67% of YouTube videos viewed in Malaysia
8. Singapore lead the Asian region in online usage, spending 25 hours online each week, followed by Pilipino 21.5% and 19.8% Malaysians
9. Total 13 Million of Facebook users in Malaysia
Sources: The Star Newspaper 17 November 2012

Malaysia internet usage statistic